Greetings from FatDog

Berkeley's Subway Guitars is the oldest and continuous operating guitar, guitar repair and custom instrument shop in the Bay area. Est 1968


Our inventory contains over 3000 guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and amps.


Our custom shop & guitar factory has produced 1000's of instruments for over 6 decades.


Our Music School has taught thousands of students at every level. Our teachers coming from all walks of life: Lisa Zieler, Kerry Yeates, Charlie Hunter, Alex Skolnick, Mark Holtzinger and Ethan Lee.


Over the years we have obtained the liquidated inventories of many  U.S factories including: New Jersey- Era Danelectro, Ampeg, Kay, Dean, Dan Armstrong, Harmony, Kramer, Fullerton Fender, Kalamazoo Gibson, G&L, Martin, Vox, Coral, Eko, Hagstrom, Smart Parts and Moserite. All of these parts have facillitated the manufacture, repair and customization of countless instruments for all musical spirits from beginners to musical celebrities a list of whom can be found at the doghouse. 

Berkeley Rep Theatre is doing a Green Day play written by Billy Joe... Gibson donated 20+ guitars for the shows and they ruined/distressed them for authenticity
Blasting Jizz w' Subway custom Danelectro Jizzblaster, P90 neck, tele bridge
Incredibly attractive dude with bird's beak Bizarre Jizzblaster
A Happy Boy w' onboard effects-laden wank off machine "Vox Invader"