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Subway Jazzy lefty guitar

Typical Subway thang made for Joseph Modeliste. 1960 Coral Vinnie Belle body like Epiphone Howard Roberts. We made many 4 strings besides, 6 string guitars, Baritones, 7 string Jazz guitars. Joe wanted a lefty guitar so we grabed a standard and flipped it around.

1920 Regal

 1920’s Regal X-Braced similar to Martin 00-18 reset straight neck low action$1200   1920 Regal X-Braced similar to Martin 00-18. Reset neck with low action. Price: $1200

Unique & Vintage Guitars from the beyond

Demented weirdness + variations of the bizarre Teutonic Terrors + haliante Dreck sticks, push buttons, chrome, masonite, glitter, fiberglass, plastique. 100% old supros, silvertones, Kays, Harmonys, ect.                                                         Read More …

Interesting And Vintage Collectibles

For 45+ years Subway has been dedicated to matching the right guitar to the right player at the right price, usually focusing on making, repairing, and cobbling together vintage styled instruments for the mid-range user who wants something personal, custom, and unique at a modest price. However, in addition Subway has always traded in upper Read More …