Group Guitar Lessons, Small Class Sizes, Emminently Afordable!

This year Subway is resuming an old tradition of offering small group guitar classes in a variety of styles, for every age and skill level.

In the midst of the Great Recession, we’re offering affordable small-group lessons for three students at a time, enrollment $20 per hour. It’s a great way to reduce the price of lessons while gaining valuable experience playing with others, arguably one of the most fun and inspiring end-goals of learning an instrument.

We’ve got Steve Gannon, the famed British blues guitarist, offering acoustic and electric blues lessons in beginning, intermediate and master classes. He has an amazing knack for simplifying theory and song structures so that you can get right into the meat of playing the blues. Here he is jamming in the store:

Steve Gannon at play

Steve Gannon at play

And I’m Ethan Lee, a guitar technician and teacher offering group lessons for every skill level in most any style you could shake a stick at. I’ve taught students from 5 to 85 years old, from simple acoustic folk fingerpicking to high-falutin’ theory, and shape each lesson to meet my students’ needs and musical interests.

Ethan Lee, Guitar Teacher to the Stars!

Ethan Lee, Guitar Teacher to the Stars!

Many¬† beginning students are shy and afraid to play guitar in front of others at first. That’s perfectly natural, and we are happy to offer private lessons as well to help new students get their sea legs, but we encourage one and all to try out the social, communal, supportive group lesson structure, which focuses on how to start having fun and making music with other musicians right away. Our teachers are sweet and encouraging, funny and relaxed, and will help you achieve a natural, expressive voice on your instrument.

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