Bass Guitars

Updated 22 April 2006

Satin and silky smooth, three pickup fretless jazz bass:

USA neck and body. The bridge and middle pickup are dual coil; the neck pickup is traditional vintage single coil. Really handsome -- plays and sounds tremendous. I made this for a guy who cancelled his order. It's yours for only $600

Really cool 60s Moserite Combo copy:

called the "Royal Artist" but at Subway, it's called the "Royal Fartist." Gives a big, deep woofy sound. $350

Weird 5-string bass:

we put on Alemic pickups and a Bartolini pre-amp. Really has that low-B piano tone; rich and thick. Clean. $900

60s-style jazz bass


Ivory body, tortoiseshell pickguard, 60s vintage-type pickups


Hagstrom Egmonds

Three Basses

Eko Florentine bass

Made in 1965. Weird, psychedelic thing.

Dave's Bass

Subway re-creation of a tele bass using n/o stock pickup and pickguard. The neck is beautifully flamed, light-weight ash body. The push-pull pot on the tone knob goes from a full-bore series, deep fart-in-the-bathtub sound to the coils in parallel with cleaner, low impedence voicing.

3X J-bass

This funkster wanted to be a strat, but his chromosomes turned him into a 3 pickup jazz bass. Bird's-eye Warmoth fretless neck with ebony fretboard. $650

Fretless Bass with Bartolinis

Fretless Bass with Barts A young musician had a dream for this tobacco-burst, fretless bass. Ebony fretboard with two passive Bartolini 9W4 pickups. $600

Subray J bass

Rosewood Ray with J. A friend of mine wanted this J-bass with a solid rosewood neck, an MME and a 9s Bart pickup system. Its passive. Control plate is also rosewood. $750

Yamaha bass.

Serial No. 1778. 70s Nippon Gakki Company, LTD. Hit with the ugly stick. And to make matters worse, its mother took thalidomIde. Original case included. Very good condition -- with few dings: $400

Kramer Duke headless bass.

Schaller bridge and Schaller quad pickup. Excellent condition: $350

Six string bass.

You don't need a case with a 6-string bass -- just use its built-in handle. Wicked, haunting tone.

Two Aces, Three Kings.

Masterbuilder Chris Powell (left) shows off three of his latest custom jazz bass* projects; Vic's sly grin testifies to the greatness of sound and play. A screamin' hand by any measure. From left: racing green jazz bass with Dean body, Bartolini pickups, $550; black and gold Fender-style jazz bass copy with Bartolini pickups, $500; red jazz bass with Dean body, Bartolini pickups, NTBT, $650.

Lefty Subraze Bass

Schaller bass gears and active EQ switch. Heavy-duty bass bridge. USA neck and body. $400

5-string basses and baritone

We make alot of this stuff; these are some variations on the general theme. From left: a blonde, fretless 5-string featuring an ebony fretboard. It has a big soapbar pickup by the bridge and a single coil in the neck position. $600. Next: a baritione with a Chandler neck and a *tele-formatted Alembic electronics system. Two octave neck and INCREDIBLE. $1000. Finally: a 5-string, featuring Bartolini electronics. It has the MME in the bridge and the jazz bass* pickup in the neck position. Active electronics. $750. The ruby-sunburst finish is exceptionally beautiful.

Three Subraze

These are three variations on our monster bass called the "Subraze." We've been building these for 15 years, using the Bartolini MME and some active circuitry. We make 'em for $500. We also offer a jazz bass* pickup in the neck position for $600. We have these cool maroon mother-of-toiletseat pickguards. We use Grover Titans and our heavy-duty bridge.

EKO Fiddle Bass.

We had dozens of these, years ago. Les Claypool got excited for one and has been repeatedly photographed with this. The other 40 or so keep circulating through our inventory. They're that weird 60s-looking butt-ugly design theme from Italy. They're okay instruments with an ebony fretboard. $375

Hagstrom 8-string bass.

Wacky Swedish innovation from the 60s. Hammertone silver. $700

Barbie Was Here!

Gibson-style SG bass. Schaller bass-bucker pickups. Powerful bridge and gears. $300

Canoe Paddle.

Doubles as a bass guitar. From Lee's Valley Custom. Long-scale Phantom with cool green hammertone finish. Toiletseat pickguard, toaster pickups. Black neck. $500

Beautiful Retro Jazz Bass*

Gold-plated hardware, mother-of-toiletseat pickguard, solid wood body with ruby-brown sunburst. Vintage-style pickups. $375

Red 60s Hofner * Mustang bass. Two pickups. $400

Ken Smith bass #38. Gorgeous blonde maple with Bart soapbars $2000

Les Claypool Eko fiddle bass $350

Weird Beatle-bass copy with solid spruce top $325

Yamaha neck-through P-bass with 3-band EQ $450

Hideous Kramer with aluminum neck. $400


Outrigged monster Zeta mutation. We got a lot of old Zeta necks and bodies, sans electronics. Bartolini MME and 3-band EQ. Super-weird and super-bad. $600

Rickenbacker 4001 ivory bass. $600

The only longscale fiddle bass with J-pickup $350

Stackpot 1960 replica *jazz bass in black. $400

The S-bass Deluxe. Warmoth body, Bartolini pickups * Fender® neck (USA) active tone $600

Rickenbacker bass with Alembic pickups

This is what we've been doing with our huge pile of Alembic pickups. Alembic made replacement pickups for Ric, so this lucky guy gets to have his neck-thru Ric basically turned into an Alembic bass. $800

Subraze with Bartolini MME and active tone. $500

Thinline Tele* baritone. Moses graphite neck, toiletseat pickguard. $1000

Left-handed 5-string Warmoth/Bartolini fretless. $800


Similar to Subraze with custom Schaller pickups at bridge. Three distinct tones and 3-band EQ. $450

White 70s * jazz bass Maple neck with pearl blocks. $1000

Fernandes 5-string * jazz bass. Ash body, three-piece maple neck, gold hardware. Gravity. $475.

Blonde ash Ibanez Blazer bass -- like P-bass. Sweetheart tuners. 1981. $225

Black * jazz bass with Schecter walnut neck. Gold hardware. Beautiful. $600

Fancy Ibanez Musician bass. Ebony fretboard. Three-band EQ, neck-through 5-piece maple neck. 1980s era. $700

Sleek modern black Peavey bass. Their attempt at making a 24-fret Sabre. Gold hardware. Maple neck, double-J pickups. $350

Old fretless Alembic. Fancy. Two soapbars. $1600

Old Carvin bass. Midscale. Ebony fretboard. Lightweight, skinny neck. Two guitar humbuckers. $700

Red Kalamazoo 1965 SG bass with Schaller bass-bucker pickups. $300

Fretless Ibanez Musician with 3-band EQ. Fancy-smancy 5-piece neck-through. $600

Fiddle a la Hofner

A variation on our fiddle bass, dressed as a Hofner Beattle bass. Hagstrom neck and pickups with toiletseat pearl pickguard. A one-off custom from 60s valley custom. $375

Red Squire P-bass. $200

Metallic lavender Ransom bass. Flame maple neck with ebony fretboard. Bartolini pickups and active tone. $800

Blonde neck-through Hohner B-bass with drop-B lever on the bridge. Active tone. $450

Aria Pro II bass. Black with monster bass pickup. $300

The Holy Grail: Tiesco Spectrum bass 3+1 tuners, so much for MusicMan's innovation and lawsuits. Weird dual magnet pickups. $800

Jade Phantom bass custom, glitter peghead. $375

Goofey Tiesco Moserite copy bass, solid body, two great sounding humbuckers. $200

Red Alembic flame maple top. $1000

Blue Specific bass super flame Alembic soapbar, Bartolini NTBT and gold hardware. $800

Epiphone quasi-Firebird PJ blonde, ash, gold hardware. $400

Black Zeta with dorky outrigger peghead, Alembic soapbar, 3-band Bartolini EQ. $700

Black new/old stock 60s Danelectro longscale dual tube. Badest boy in town. $600

Subway Custom MAB [Modulus, Alembic, Bartolini] bass chocolate with 24-fret graphite neck, two Alembic * jazz bass pickups and Bartolini tone. $700

Subway Custom 24-fret ruby ash, Alemic pickups, Bartolini tone. $600

5-string S-bass. Warmoth neck, black hardware, monster Bartolini MME in bridge, * jazz bass in neck, active tone. $700

Dark blue ash body MAB [Modulus, Alembic, Bartolini] 24-fret graphite neck, two Alembic soapbars, Bartolini tone. $800

All black fretless S-bass. Ebony board with sissy lines, Bartolini 9w4 and active tone. $600
Grand Baritone rubyburst, Moses graphite neck, 9-volt EMG tele* set. $800

Blueburst Grande Baritone with Lawrence tele* set. $750

Sunburst S-bass with solid rosewood neck, active tone, Bartolini 9w4. $700

Black 73 Fender® fretless gold hardware. $500

78 Fender® Precision fretless with added jazz bass* pickup, white pearl pickguard. $700

USA Dean 5-string with dual 9-volt EMG P-bass pickups. $600

Tomato soup orange Fender® telecaster bass with the big nasty humbucker (fart-in-the-bathtub tone). Free saltines. $450

Gunmetal grey 8-string Hagstrom bass. 1960s. Bitchin'. $700

USA Dean flame maple, cherry sunburst with two Alembic soapbars, 24 frets, Bartolini active tone. $750

Deluxe S-bass USA Fender® neck, beautiful Warmoth Korina body, two 9w4s, active tone. $600

Budget Subway jazz bass* mahogany body, Alnico pickups, Grover Titans, blonde, sounds great! $350

72 P-bass. Maple neck, gold hardware, 9-volt EMG pickups, bridge jazz pickup added. $800

Subway stackpot re-issue jazz bass*. All black, Alnico pickups, goldtone lacquer neck with black peghead. $400

Go 49ers! Gold S-bass with red pickguard, Bartolini 9w4s with active tone. $500

The "Subraze" monster Bass

With Bartolini monster MME triple coil humbucker and Bart active NTBT tone circuit. Push/pull vol pot switches from H.B. mode to single coil with hum cancelling coil. Four- and five-string available with solid rosewood neck. Heavy-duty bridge. Colors: blonde, black, ivory and blueburst. from $475

Precision Special, USA PJ white. $700

Ivory S-bass with Moses graphite neck, 9w4 Bartolinis. $700

Moses baritone tele*. Thinline body, super flame top, bound in white pearl and snot-green pearl pickguard. $1000

THE Baaad "S" Bass

Active jazz bass* with Bartolini 9W4 pickups (1 coil per string), heavy-duty bridge. Spector circuit board. Available w/Alembic pickups and Bartolini tone circuit. Comes in black, ivory, blueburst, natural and assorted custom colors: blue, green, gold and more. from $500

Subraze bass with Bartolini MME, Grover Titans, passive. $475

60s Dan Electro Jizzcaster Baritone with 4X2 peghead. $400.

Mahogany S-bass brown with Bartolini 9w4s and active board. $400

USA Fender® jazz bass 1992. $600

Fretless Les Paul

Budget Subraze weird jazz bass* with two big soapbars. $300

Old white Ibanez Roadstar bass. 2X2 peghead, 24 frets, 2 big soapbars with push-push pots. $400

Dark green Specific bass 5-string, Birdseye neck, ebony fretboard, two Alembic jazz pickups, Bartolini active tone. $800

Blueburst Subraze maple neck with MME and added jazz bass* pickup, active Bart tone. $600

77 Fender® P-bass. All blonde. $600

Weird Ibanez PJ 24-fret DeMarzio pickups. $375

S-bass in tuxedo with Moses graphite neck

Bart 9w4, active board, super Moses graphite neck. $2500 worth of quality, factory-direct for $700.

Rubyburst Peavey Fury big maple P-bass neck. $250

Candy-apple red re-issue jazz bass* $400

Ivory MusicMaster bass. $250

Synsonics mini-P bass* shortscale. $125

5-string Subraze

Warmoth neck, Bartolini MME active tone -- a GREAT deal. $600

Black Turbo P-bass copy. $175

Black Subraze active MME. $500

Early 70s Epiphone hollow body bass. Like EB-2. Japanese. $300

Ibanez Roadstar II PG. Ivory, clean, with sweetheart tuners. $275

Deluxe S-bass

Limited Edition. USA Fender® neck, Warmoth body. Bartolini jazz bass* pickups (9W4), active tone. $600

72 Fender® fretless maple fretboard P-bass. Sunburst. $500

Dan Electro baritone. Formica top convertible 30" scale length. One lipstick p-up. $400

Mystery jazz bass* copy. Swamp ash body. Great! $275

Coral longhorn bass-Hagstrom. 2X2 neck, Hag HB. $300

Black and gold Kramer USA P-bass copy. Double "J" in bridge with "P" pickups. Schaller bridge and gears gloss black. $500

Custom jazz bass* "Lincoln Goins" (Philipine mahogany body). $275

4001 Ric. Black. Mirror pickguard, sealed gears. $600

Cavern bass

Old, old, old with pewter finish. $1500

Fender® jazz bass special: Pearl white and black; Japanese "P-J" rear-route. $350

Moses/Dimarzio J-bass. Tune passive pickups. Tan/oak finish. $600

Tele bass. USA Fender® neck, Warmoth limed oak finish w/Dunkmore Semen Tele pickup. Nice replica. $600

Mariachi Bass

L-5 size, big Florentine cutaway, arch-top w/round sound hole and fancy pearl trim. Choice of humbucking or lipstick tube pickup, active EQ pre-amp system optional, short-scale Dan Electro neck. from $450

Metal Geeks! Washburn Rudy Sarzo Explorer. B+w Dartboard finish neck thru, big humbuckers active w/parametric EQ w/anvil case. Fatdog smoked a bunch before he allowed this in the store. $600

4001 Ric copy. Seville, good quality model. Black. $350

Subway P-bass. Maple neck, gloss black. Heavy duty bridge. $225

Dan Electro 50s 6-string longhorn. Baby-blue refin, 24-fret, stacked pots. $1000

Hohner B bass. Neck thru body, active jazz p-ups, Low-B flip gizmo, cherry red finish, 4-string. $500

Butt-ugly weirdo 2 p-up 60s bass. Made in Japan Tiesco-ish. $200

WAB Blue monster bass (detail)

WAB Blue monster bass

Electric bass synthesis of Warmoth fancy woods neck and body, big Alembic soapbar in bridge position driven by active tone Bartolini circuit. $700

Yamaha neck-thru, active p-bass Deluxe BB 1200s. Cherry finish, ebony board, 3-band active EQ oval inlays. With case $450

Black 60s Jazz bass* USA re-issue, Dunkmore Semen p-ups. $800

Fretless Subraze. Ivory new/old stock. USA Fender® body with Bartolini MM 2E "P"-style rosewood neck, sealed gears. $475

Dean P-J bass. White, rose board, hockeystick teradactyl peghead. $300

MAB bass

Modern-style jazz bass*. Satin colors and composite of Modulus graphite neck, Alembic pickups, Bartolini active tone. USA sourced, ash body. $700

MAB Bass (emerald)

Modern-style jazz bass*.Satin colors and composite of Modulus graphite neck, Alembic pickups, Bartolini active tone. USA sourced, ash body. $700

72 jazz bass*. Super skinny neck, bound rosewood w/pearl blocks. Black and white. Dunkmore Semen. Vintage p-ups. $800

Big fat P-bass. "C-series," big/wide "P"neck, bound rosewood neck with pearl blocks. Heavy-duty bridge. $325

Peavy custom jazz bass*. Maple neck, 2 Fender® -style jazz p-ups, natural finish, black pickguard. $325

1960 Stackpot Jazz Bass* re-issue

Jet black with matching peghead. Alnico pickups. $400

Lefty SG-style bass. Two humbuckers, plays good, sounds great! Dark red. $300

Deluxe Musician bass by Ibanez. This one was the top-of-the-line. Neck through, active, three-band EQ, two pickups. Fancy wood. $500

Fernandes replica of Deluxe Alembic bass. So good you couldn't tell the difference. Alembic was PISSED at this one! Multi-layered wood and tooled beautifully. $800

Subraze (blueburst) with added jazz

Upgraded standard Subraze with push-pull pot and two volumes. You get a plethora of instrument voicings and active tone. $600

Subraze bass (detail)

Tiesco bass. Like jazz bass*. Square magnet pickups. rocker switches. Push-pull pot for phaze. High-tech bridge. 30" scale length. $250

Gibson The Ripper. Big blonde, 2-pickups. You can really rip one with this for only: $400

Gold S-bass with blue pickguard. $500

Sunburst Tri-Tone. $450

Electric bass guitar

This is similar to a traditional Fender® precision bass. Long-scale neck (34"), solid wood body, split precision bass pickup, 4-way adjustable bridge for perfect intonation and well-functioning trussrod to ensure a straight neck. Its available in black or ivory. List price for a comparable instrument is about $400; our price: $175

Dean bass USA. Sleek, skinny neck with 2X2 peghead. Curly maple, cherry sunburst body. Two jazz pickups. $450

Fernandes P-bass. Blonde body with toiletseat pickguard. $300

Aria Pro-II. Neck through body. SG-shaped monster bass. Owned by a funky drummer named "Zigaboo." $375

Custom S-bass. Fender®, Warmoth and Bartolini. active tone -- outrageous! $600

Custom Subraze. Ivory body with Bartolini MME in bridge position. Bartolini jazz pickup in neck. $600

70s Fender® fretless P-bass. $500

EKO vile fiddle bass. Pukey-tan, more or Les with orig. grey coffin case. $400

Blueburst S-bass. Light blue to dark purple sunburst. Two Barts with active circuit. $500

Heavy Kramer, aluminum neck, P-bass. Active with big gain. Black. Green Day-style. So powerful it will loosen your front teeth! $500


Kenny really worked out in his garage years ago -- incredible craftwork and design. Bartolini pickup and electronics. This bass has been a worldwide traveler and a Cuban resident.

#38 (rear view)

Old Beatle-bass copy. Cool. $200

Ibanez 5-string bass. GT, with bow-tie inlays and active electronics. $450

Fender® -Warmoth Strat bass 5-string. Three Bartolini jazz bass* pickups. 5-way Strat® switch. Great tones! Red marble finish with maple neck. Bad Boy. $800

Moderne Electric Bass. It features a thin 24-fret neck, a flame maple honey sunburst top with humbucking electronics. Its a beautiful piece for $400.

Kramer 5-string. Fretless with sissy lines. Black jazz body with two j-pickups. Two active EMG pickups. Smooth. $600

Peavey fretless with sissy lines. White. Two j-pickups. Lightweight with pencil-dick neck. $325

Washburn bass. Metallic red, 24-frets, PJ, compact, 2X2 peghead. $300

Acoustic bass with Piezo. Comes with bridge pickup and active EQ in preamp. It actually sounds good acoustically and has a wide range of electric tones. $325

The Deluxe S-Bass.
A synthesis of Warmoth body, slender USA Fender® neck, Bartolini 9W4 jazz bass* pickups run through an active tone circuit. Very resonant Korina body. Some people wait 12 months to pay $2400 for a similar bass. This one is $600

Hohner fretless. Made by Moserite.
Double cutaway, f-hole. Black. Little sissy lines on maple fretboard. Black widow.

Red 60s Hofner * Mustang bass. Two pickups. $400

Phantom bass. Like Steinburger with Schaller bridge and double-J pickup. Red. $300

Ken Smith bass

Ken Smith bass #38

71 Fender® jazz bass. Rosewood fretboard with pearl blocks and binding. Sunburst finish. Clean. Good neck. $1100

Subway Zeta bass. Ebony fretboard, black body, outrigger peghead, green, blue, chrome and red Schaller mini-bass gears, baaad-ass bridge, Bartolini MME monster pickup. Unique and bizarre. $600

Hohner B-bass 5-string. Ebony wood-stained body with neck thru, two J-pickups and active electronics. $500

New Gibson Thunderbird bass. Sunburst. Super pink fleshline case. And don't smoke something and forget the case's lock combination! $1000

Washburn. Red Force. ABT bass, active, 4-in-line peghead. $350

Custom Subraze bass. Big bass with Bartolini MME pickup by bridge. Bartolini jazz bass* pickup by neck. With the coil-splitting mode, you get a MONSTER jazz bass. Ivory. $600

Pointy peghead. Dean. With red and black crackle finish. PJ. $300

The Custom S-bass. Warmoth body, 22-fret USA Fender® neck. Bartolini jazz bass* 9W4 pickups. Active board. Black Grover gears and heavy-duty black bridge. Compares with Sadowsky. $600

Killer 5-string ivory Subraze. Performance neck with ebony fretboard. Push-pull pot for humbucker coil cut. Active treble and bass controls. Bartolini MME and NTBT. $700

Ivory S-bass with black pickguard. $500

Ivory Subraze with black pickguard. Active. $475

Black Tri-Tone with maple neck. Active. $450

Black S-bass. $500

Long-scale fiddle bass with J pickup and J neck. $350

Sunburst S-bass. $500

Fretless sunburst S-bass with ebony fingerboard. Warmoth Tele* neck. $700

Hofner 1965 Beatle bass. Pewter-colored. $1500

The only Long-scale Fiddle Bass

Sunburst, bound body, hollow, jazz bass* pickup, Gotoh enclosed gears 2x2 peghead. $350

* Fender®, Strat®, Mustang®, Jazz Bass®, P Bass®, and Telecaster® are all registered trademarks of the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation.

*NOTE: STINGRAY is a registered trademark of Ernie Ball, Incorporated. This instrument offered for sale by Subway Guitars should be considered a bass clone with a big humbucker near the bridge, similar to the STINGRAY but should not be confused with the products manufactured by Ernie Ball, Incorporated.

High Quality Custom Bass Guitars

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