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New Estate Sale

I knew Stu Feldman back in ’68 during the Prune Music days in Berkeley, kicking around with Randy ‘Prune’ Smith and Dave Kessner. Stu was playing soulful bass with groups like Deacon and The Suprelles and Motor. He went on to play with  John Girton, Maryann Price, the New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Bobby Read More …

Vintage and Custom ’09 Inventory Additions

Dmitri Beale’s nazerite bass Ibanez 6-string bass ’70’s early Kramer aluminum neck $700 circa 1915 Regal w’ wood purfling $500 … reset neck, pin bridge Davey Allen’s 1966 Moserite 6/12, gifted by Semi, used on a dozen movie soundtracks, including The Wild Angels, $4000 1960’s Goyem Pimentel classical $400